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Personal Loans

Do you need a quick loan? Is your credit good? There is no quicker way to get a fast loan than simply using your signature. Personal loans may be used for any number of purposes. No collateral is needed, and you may borrow up to $10,000!

Certificate Secured Loans

All terms are 2.00% APR above certificate rate.

Share Secured Loans

Share secured loans are perfect for first time buyers, building credit or repairing credit history. A Share Secured loan allows you to borrow at a competitive low rate because you use your savings (either Share or Certificate) as collateral. 

No credit qualifications are required and members can use a Share Secured Loan to help establish good credit history. Your Savings account will continue to earn dividends. As payments are made on the loan, funds are released back into the savings account.

Loan rates are subject to change at any time by the direction of the Board of Directors.
All applications will be reviewed on an individual basis to assure compliance with the lending policies of First General Credit
Union as established by the Board of Directors.
Rates are subject to change and could vary depending on credit history and amount financed.


Fast Cash

Fast Cash is a short-term lending option that allows you to borrow as many times as you want.

It only requires a one-time application and you can borrow anytime.

Plus, it’s more affordable than a cash advance store.

•             Can link to your overdraft account

•             No overdraft fees

•             Revolving credit

•             One time application

•             No annual fees

•             Builds credit

•             Flexible Payments

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